Monday, 20 June 2011

Summer is here - apparently!

Some would say that summer is finally here in the UK. Others would take one look out the window and disagree. I am currently watching Nadal playing his first match at Wimbledon - this may be the reason for the dreary weather - it always rains at Wimbledon at some point.

Any-hoo, regardless of reality I have taken opportunity during the first summer month to do some shopping for some summer beauty products. This is just a few items I have purchased to prepare myself for leg-baring season - eek! I have a very pale complexion and after months of being hidden under jeans and leggings my legs are looking very pasty indeed!

I have purchased these products over the past few weeks and have tried everything out so that I can give you a bit of a review as well as a haul.

So here we go... First up lets start with the summer essential - sun cream! As I said I have very pale skin red hair (oops had to pause here while the tennis players change their t-shirts (very nice!) hehe :-)

Anyways due to my pale skin and my frequent freckles I like to wear a very high factor. These little bottles by Soltan from Boots are really useful. They are hand bag size and I am able to purchase a factor 50. The sunscreen has that normal sunscreen smell and can be a little sticky at times. But I am pleased with this purchase, which I made as an emergency when the weather was actually hot!

Next up is my tub of Carmex. I have never been a fan of Carmex previously, I did not like the smell at all. But I saw this pot in Boots with Cherry flavour and I decided to give it another go. The smell is still there but not so pungent. The SPF 15 is a major plus, especially for the summer months.

Next up my summer face moisturiser. This was a new purchase. I was looking for a daily moisturiser with some sun protection. I have used Nivea moisturisers for a long time and still use my previous products for eye cream and my night moisturiser. But this is an excellent day cream. It has a light texture but still quite moisturising. It also doesn't leave a greasy feeling on my skin & dries quickly. I haven't had any problems putting my foundation (Revlon Colour Stay) over the top.

For a body moisturiser I have purchased Johnson's holiday skin body lotion. I don't tend to use fake tan in the summer because I don't like the way tanned skin looks with my red hair. However, I like to have a bit of colour on my legs and find the gradual build up from these moisturisers to be the best way to achieve that. I have used this brand before and like the colour. I have sensitive skin on my legs but don't tend to have too many problems with this moisturiser. If my legs are ever feeling a bit dry I just use Lush Dream Cream for a couple of days and it tends to help out.

But before all that I need to actually sort out my horrible legs. First up is Veet - I like to use hair removal creams rather than shaving during the summer - just because it lasts longer & I'm lazy hehe! I've used these before but I think its changed a bit. It didn't seem so good at removing the hair and I felt like I had to literally drag the little spatula thingy along my leg, almost having to dig it into my skin to remove the hair. And I left the cream on for 6 min - which was the longest time they say you can leave it for. Sorry maybe a bit gross for a first post but I thought it would be more useful to be honest than coy.

For exfoliating I have two Sanctuary Spa products. I've never use a body brush before but decided to give one ago. This hip and thigh massage brush has bristles and rubber nodules to "provide a deeper penetrating massage (oh-er!) into the fatty tissues, to help improve the appearance of cellulite." I didn't think I could find a better way of saying that, so I quoted the box instead. I can't tell you yet what difference it has made to my rather glamorous cellulite but I found the brush itself quite easy to use and handle to put your hand through is quite useful.

Following that I use the body scrub. I've been using this for a couple of months - I love it. The smell is nice - it smells expensive if you get what I mean? And it has just the right level of exfoliating bits (anyone got a better name for those?) - its not too course that you end up red-raw but there is enough there to feel like you are actually making a difference to your skin.

Inspired by the You Tube video by Zoella on her beautiful hair, I have decided to start looking after my hair. My friend recommended the Loreal Elvive Full Restore 5 Replenishing Mask. I already use the shampoo and conditioner from this range so though I would give this a go. I must say I love this too! It feels so luxurious when you're putting it on your hair and my hair just feels so soft afterwards. When I use this I tend to leave my hair to dry naturally rather than using heat on it.

Finally in my little picture you will spot some boots cleansing wipes. During the hot summer days I like to carry wipes around with me because they are an instant cool down, especially around your neck if it is a really hot day. Also useful if you are as clumsy as me & always manage to let your ice cream melt onto your clothes!!

So that's everything! I'm concerned now that my first ever blog post just turned into a giant essay. I will try to make my second shorter I promise. Now just got to think what to write about - hmmmm!? Any ideas?

Anyways, I'm off to keep watching the tennis.... come on Andy Murray! Anybody think he is gonna manage it this year?

Hope you all have a lovely day!  X x
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