Monday, 27 February 2012

Tips and tricks for make up on the move

As I have admitted a few times I am routinely found doing my make up on the train in the mornings. This morning I realised that since I started taking the train my make up routine has changed as I have adapted to my vanity on the move.

I have decided to share my tips for doing your make up on the train, bus or car even, as long as your not driving!

1) Pick your seat wisely, you need a window seat but try to avoid the sun as the glare can be a pain.

2) If possible try and find a spot thats not too busy, elbowing someone as you do your mascara is not great commutting etiquette.

3) You will need a good size mirror, one that can fit in a make up bag but big enough to see your whole face.

4) Use travel brushes, I love my retractable powder brush from Prescriptives. Its soft and a reasonable size but I can also cover it so it doesn't make a mess in my make up bag.

5) Use make up that doesn't make a mess. I love my Mineralized Skin Finish natural from Mac but it goes everywhere.

6) On the same note cream eyeshadows such as the Mac Paint Pots are much easier to apply on the move.

7) Doing your make up on the train requires a lot more products than a normal touch up kit. Samples and travel size products can cut down on the bulk.

8) Learn the stops on your journey, try to avoid holding an eyeliner to your eye at the exact moment the train or bus jolts to a halt!

9) You will make mistakes, particular if the bus or train makes an unexpected jolt. Keep some wipes handy.

10) Finally keep it simple, remember you will only have one hand as you'll need to hold your mirror. A train or bus is not the place to attempt artistic eyeliner!

Are you a fellow make up on the go kinda girl? Do you have any further tips or tricks? xx

My new make-up storage tower

Heylo! Long time, no speak. I must first start with a profuse apology for my lack of posts over the last month. I have been working insane hours.

Alas, I managed a few free hours on Sunday afternoon and decided to reorganise my make-up storage. Ta-dah... what do you think?

The unit is from Ikea and cost about £15, I can't find this on their website anymore but I'm sure you could find something similar if you so desired. It used to be my stationary storage but I bought a new desk. It has 3 deep drawers and is on wheels, great for wheeling to wherever I'm getting ready.

I bought the purple wooden tray from a Christmassy craft fayre at Bluewater last year for less than a fiver. The brush pots are from Muji and my sponges are in a giant Friends coffee mug from the Warner Bros store many moons ago.

The drawers are really sturdy and can keep loads in. My palettes all fit in but, then again I don't have any particularly large ones.

I love findings lots of random storage containers. I have some from Muji, some gift boxes and even a couple of takeaway containers.

This is my favourite drawer - its my stash drawer. This is where I keep all my unopened products from Christmas gift sets, beauty boxes and random sale/offer purchases. Whenever I need something new or fancy treating myself to a new product I'm going to look through this drawer rather than spending more money!

How do you store your make-up? Let me know if you would like a more detailed insight into my make-up station?

Keep well! Xx

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