Saturday, 27 October 2012

My new Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha Crossbody Bag

I have been coveting Classic Q Natasha Crossbody bag from Marc By Marc Jacobs for over a year and it has long held a solid position on my handbag wish list. This year, while on holiday in Chicago I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. Hehe us girls can always rely on holiday spirit to splurge!

I purchased my bag at Nordstrom for about $400 with tax, but you can purchase the bag at Harrods for just over £300.

What can I say about this bag... I am in love. I went with the black, classic and beautiful, and goes with everything. The shape is gorgeous and you can fit a fair bit in.

Short strap ** Long strap ** Cross body
 The adjustable strap is great, meaning I can wear it short as a shoulder bag down to about my hip (I'm 5ft 6inches). I can also wear it comfortably as a cross body bag by lengthening the strap.

The hardware is beautiful and chunky and I like the long pull on the zipper. The zipper reveals a long pocket which goes the full length down the back of the bag. I wouldn't really keep much in there because I think it would affect the shape of the bag and potentially damage the bag. But its a useful hidden pocket for keeping things safe, like a passport.

There is also a zipped pocket in the back of the bag and two open pockets at the front. You can easily keep a smart phone in one and the other is handy for keys or hand sanitiser.

The bag fastens with a magnetic connector which works fine. I do worry sometimes when I'm closing it that the clasp scratches sometimes as I try and get it in the right place.

I love this bag. It was an investment and something I considered and saved for over some time. It was however, towards the more affordable end of high end handbags and worth the money if you are looking for a one off special purchase.

I'd love to know what beautiful bags you have purchased recently.
Keep Well Xx

Saturday, 20 October 2012

My New Winter Coat from Zara

It’s that time of year again when the weather is turning bitterly cold and it just doesn’t seem to stop raining (I believe this may be a British thing). However, there are two good things about this: there is nothing cosier than sitting with hot chocolate on a Sunday night watching the X-factor results and there are new winter coats to buy in all the shops!

I made my necessary winter coat purchase last week on a trip to Westfield Stratford (never been – AMAZING!). I found mine in Zara. It is gorgeous.

I wanted to purchase a grown up, black, smart, on trend coat. I wasn’t asking for much huh? But I did indeed find what I was looking for.

The cut of this coat is flattering, the belt nipping me in at the waist; the straight shape creating a smart silhouette and the neck creating an air of sophistication, with the added benefit of keeping my neck warm. 

The gold hardware is smart yet fashionable and adds a gentle nod to the military style without detracting from the smart, sophisticated design of the coat. The zip pockets are very secure but are a tad annoying as you can’t keep your hands warm in your pockets – this could be a great excuse for purchasing some new gloves this winter!

Sorry about the poor quality photos, not sure what happened to these but hopefully you get the gist!

The only criticism is the coat is not that thick and I am concerned that come full on winter, it may not be as warm as I might hope. However, I think thick arctic ready coats are not likely to appear in a smart, refined form. I am therefore happy to keep this coat for the pre and post arctic conditions of autumn and spring.
I am in love with this coat and it was an absolute steal at £119. When I bought it home my partner thought it was easily £250 - £300, so it looks a lot more expensive than it is. 

Let me know what winter coats you have your eye on!
Keep Well Xx
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