Sunday, 23 October 2011

Seasons changing....

For those of you living in England its that time of year again, time to dig out the winter coat...hats, gloves scarves and even thermals if you are so inclined (I personally am not but I do tend to embrace layering at this time of year).

The recent cold weather has prompted me to change over my wardrobes. I like to have lots of room in my wardrobe so I keep my winter clothes in storage during the summer and  vice versa. Its also a good opportunity to have a clear out and I have a couple of bags to take to the charity shop.

So I've gone from a fairly colourfull wardrobe with lots of sandals .....
To a rather dull looking wardrobe full of jumpers and boots....

Fortunately not only is wardrobe sorting good for a clear out, its also good for spotting where the gaps are in your wardrobe...prompting the need for a shopping trip of course. So here are just a few of the winter items I have spotted while doing some online window shopping (some are more of a fantasy, budget wise!)
Absolutely gorgeous Mulberry boots but a little out of my price range LINK
ASOS jumper - looks so cute and cumfy LINK
Amy Winehouse by Fred Perry - I love this entire outfit LINK
Lovely colour called Red Rust is meant to be in this winter. LINK
I think this has such a feminine shape but the buttons create a bit of an edge LINK

Have you found any gorgeous winter finds? Any favourite winter items?
Hope everyone is having a lovely sunday and keeping cosy and warm. Xx
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