Sunday, 27 November 2011

Bicester Village Haul

Last weekend my mum and I went for a girls day out up to Bicester village. We used the train from Marlybone Station and bought a ticket which includes a bus from the station to the village, costing about £30. This is quite steep really but thats train tickets in Britain for you! Luckily I have a young persons rail card so I get 1/3 off.
There is something about high end carrier bags...

I bought a few bits and pieces, not a lot this time, sadly but I thought I would still share my little finds with you. I would also note for anyone planning a wedding in the near future ... Jimmy Choo sell their wedding shoes for about £90 (down from £300- £400). Unfortunately their normal shoes are not nearly as discounted but if you are getting married I would definitely make the trip!

In LK Bennett I picked up a lovely purse. I have been looking for a new purse for ages because I wanted one with a lot more credit card pockets. I did see a couple in other shops but I fell in love with this the moment I saw it! The burgundy red is absolutely gorgeous, it has 16 credit card slots, a zipped coin section and plenty of places to put cash. It cost £60 down from £95.

Unfortunately, I picked up the purse in the best condition but the assistant couldn't get the security tag off so she picked up another one. I didn't notice until I got home that it had a black marker pen mark on the back that I can't get off :-( but its just too far to go to exchange it.

I was a bit dispointed with the CCO, as the stock didn't seem to have changed much since the last time I was there. I also find this store quite annoying to shop in as its quite small but obviously very popular so hard to get to the shelves. I did pick up the "Cutie" quad from the Quite Cute collection earlier this year.

I then picked up a couple of christmas presents in Crabtree and Evelyn for my brother's girlfriend and friend. They are great little sets and didn't cost the earth.
The pink bag cost £7.50(originally £15) & the tin £10 (£15).
I kow it sounds weird but I am in love with the Crabtree and Evelyn Bag because the inside print is so gorgeous!! So gorgeous in fact I felt it deserved its own photo:
I know its weird to discuss a carrier bag but I've always been a bag girl, do you like a good designer carrier bag?

So that was it really, my Mum managed to pick up a few gifts from Cath Kidson including some adorable little denim jackets for my baby cousins.

So not the most successful shopping trip but I did have a lovely day. Its always nice to have a girly day out with your mum. We went for lunch at Carluccio's Caffe which was very scrummy.

Do you have girly days out with your mum? I'd love to hear about your best girls days out.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day. Xx

Sunday, 20 November 2011

My No1 Beauty Item: Dove Beauty Cream Bars

I was simply washing my face the other morning when it occurred to me how often I come back to using this one product for my facial wash. Its not some expensive massively coveted facial wash or even a designated facial wash to be honest. It is a Dove Beauty Cream Bar, or Dove soap.

I know this may seem a bit odd, but I have noticed that whatever new or expensive face washes I use, I have never found one that is as good on my skin as a Dove bar. I always end up coming back to this soap and whenever I do I notice a massive difference in my skin within days.

I first started using this soap as my face wash when I was a student, I was low on cash and couldn't afford to buy my normal face wash so I figured I would use the soap in my soap dish, which was a Dove cream bar. It was fantastic!

This little bar of soap cleanses my skin perfectly and clears up any spots I might have in a couple of days. I always find my skin is clearest when I am using this product. It leaves my skin feeling very clean but also suitably moisturised. I still use a moisturiser as part of my daily routine but occasionally I feel the need to skip this step for the day as my skin seems perfectly fine without it.

I don't tend to use this to remove make up, as I always use a make up wipe before I do anything else but I assume it would get off simple day time make up. I guess it might not be great for removing heavy eye make up but I would always use a eye make up remover for this anyway. 

Looking on the Dove website, they seem to have developed some additions to this original soap including an gentle exfoliating bar, I might do some looking into this. I am also considering looking into some of the shower gel type products.

If you are always on the hunt for a new and effective face wash I would definitely give this a go! Its worth trying just for the price. The last time I bought some, I managed to buy 6 bars for £2 in Asda.

A bar on average will last probably a couple of months and that's with my boyfriend using it for his face too. That's another advantage I suppose, more room in the bathroom, as its not fragranced or anything specific or special its fine for both of you to use.

Whats your No1 go to beauty product? Leave a comment below, I'd love to know some of your beauty secrets!

Hope you have an enjoyable Sunday, sitting in the sunshine. Xx

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Mac Glitter and Ice

As you may all be aware the Mac Holiday collection is now available in the UK, so off I popped to my local Mac counter on Sunday.
Loving the new Mac bags

I had two planned items on my shopping list and intended to check out the rest of the collection while I was there. Unfortunately, I wasn't enthused by much else in the collection.

As I mentioned in my October favourites, I am really loving my Mac Paint Pots at the moment, so I decided to purchase some more. There are three in the holiday collection: Let's Skate, For Effect and Morning Frost. 

I picked up the Let's Skate and Morning Frost. The For Effect paint pot is a darker greyish colour and I wasn't convinced I would wear it all that often.

Morning Frost ... and Let's Skate

 You can hopefully see from the picture that they are both fairly glittery, but to be honest that is to be expected of a holiday collection and for that matter a collection called Glitter and Ice (kind of a does what it says on the tin product!) Just in case you can't see all the glitter, this picture probably shows it better...
Glittery Swatches :-)

Morning Frost is a gorgeous metallic taupe colour with I would say a hint of champagne. Its a really beautiful colour that is suitable for the day and could easily be used for the evening with some heavier eyeliner and mascara.The metallic sheen is perfect for this season and the glitter adds a Christmas sparkle. There is less glitter in this one making it absolutely suitable for the office.

Let's Skate is a pretty baby/frosty pink colour with lots of glitter. Perhaps not an option for work but absolutely wonderful for evenings or to make you're eyes pop on a weekend day. I would say this colour could be worn with not a lot more eye make up as the colour can really stand on its own.

I would recommend both of these as two beautiful colours to add or even start your Mac Paint Pot collection. I wouldn't rule out For Effect either, it just didn't suit my skin tone. I would say though, that these were both sold out on the Debenhams website so I would skip along to Mac as soon as you can if you fancy these.

Hope you're all keeping well. Did you get anything from the collection or any other Christmas collection, I would love to hear your recommendations!?
X x

Sunday, 6 November 2011

October Favourites

I know this is actually 6 days late but I decided to do my first monthly favourites post. I thought this would be difficult to think of what to include, but when I sat down and thought about it there were some very obvious things to include. I've got a bit of a mixture of beauty, food and fashion.

First up make up, I have 3 items that I have been wearing basically everyday this month. I've been a bit lazy this month and done my make up on the train a lot! These are fantastic products for on the go make up-ing...

Mac Paint Pots...
I have two of these in my collection and have been using them to add a quick wash of colour to my eyes in the morning. They are so easy to apply, give lasting colour all day and just add a bit of colour to simple work make up. I currently have Bare Study, which I find gives a great pop to the eye, making you look a lot more awake than you actually are. I also have Vintage Selection from the Cham Pale collection last Christmas which is a gorgeous purple colour. I have this afternoon also acquired a couple from the new Christmas Glitter and Ice collection.

Benefit Porefessional...
I have used Porefessional everyday since I bought this. Its fantastic at smoothing the appearance of pores and makes my skin so soft. I use it as a base for my Mac Minerlize Skinfinish Natural and it gives a great even finish to the skin.

17 Sheer Moisture Lipstick in Antique Lace...
I picked this up as an impulse buy in the Boots 3 for 2 deal a while back and I am glad I did. Its an amazing colour, really moisturising and sheer enough to make it suitable for work, but not too sheer at the same time. Am pleased as punch with this purchase and would definitely buy some more in this range.

Nivea Soft Moisturiser...
I have been using this moisturiser for years now. I have been using this loads this month for my hands as they start to get dry during the cold weather. As the weather gets colder I will start using it on my face too. Its an excellent formula, not too thick, absorbs in the skin easily, neutral smell and brilliantly moisturising. Even better its only about £2 per tube.

Pussybow Blouse from Tesco...
I picked this little blouse up when doing my food shopping the other day. Its blue with white polka dots. Its completely sheer, so requires a top underneath but I love the shape and neckline. I've put this in with my favourites because I've worn it so much. It works well with suit trousers or pencil skirts for work or with jeans and a cardigan. As an added bonus this top was only £8!!

I started a Zumba classes the first week of October. Its a great workout and good fun. I did a lot of dance classes when I was younger so I really enjoy going to these classes and doing a bit of dance while exercising.

Oats so Simple Instant Porridge...
Sorry guys I forgot to take a picture of this one, but I have been buying the instant sachets of Oats so Simple for breakfast. I take them to work and make it up with boiling water, making them only 134 calories each! They taste yummy too, especially the apple and blueberry. The only one I wasn't sure about was the plain porridge which I find requires some sugar.

Thats all for this month folks, what were your favourite things for October?
Hope everyone has had a nice relaxing sunday! X x
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