Sunday, 23 June 2013

Love Moschino Bowling Bag

As promised here is the first of my new bag reviews. I'm starting with my Love Moschino bowling bag, I'm not sure of the exact name and I can't find it on House of Fraser at the moment but I'm sure many of you have seen this bag before.

Who doesn't love a bag that comes with it's own bag?

I bought this bag back in the January sales at House of Fraser. I believe I paid about £100 for it, getting maybe 30% off but I'm sorry I can't remember exactly.

I was looking for a work friendly bag, that could fit quite a bit in but was not too laptop case/brief case in style.

I am very pleased with this find. In terms of room, you could not ask for much more from a handbag. On an average day I carry my A4 notepad, my work pass, my keys, my travel card, my filofax, my make up bag, my emergencies kit (a handbag kit filled with everything I need day to day), my phone, my kindle, my large purse, a pair of heels (I commute in flats), my lunch, a drink, a can of red bull, sometimes a cardigan and the kitchen sink (just kidding!).

Size wise it really is the perfect bag for carrying lots of everyday items, but not so many that you feel justified or bothered to take an extra tote. I have also used this bag on a weekend away as my handbag carrying my Nexus 10 and keyboard, some work to do on the train, snacks for the journey, a scarf to keep warm and my regular handbag junk.

There are three useful pocket spaces in this bag; the main one on the front which is really useful for items you need to grab quickly - I normally keep my keys, building and travel passes, keys and lip balm in here. There is a zip pocket on the inside to keep things secure which is quite roomy and a narrow pockets in front of it which can keep cards, tissues or make up items.

The only downside of all this room is that I have a tendency to overload it making it quite heavy. This can cause the chain straps to dig into your shoulder which is a bit uncomfortable, but this is only a problem when I carry too much heavy stuff.

Other than that I really like the gold hardware and details on this bag. The logo and lock on the front tab are secure but easy to undo. I keep my work and travel pass in the front pocket and they're always really easy to grab, especially when I'm in a hurry.

I really like the look of the bag too. The black and gold is a classic combination that goes with everything. The sleek and understated look is perfect for work whilst avoiding being a boring choice. It looks and is functional, but is pretty too. I get several compliments on this bag, in fact I've had two in just the last week and its always nice to feel validated!

What do you think? Have you tried any Love Moschino bags or are they're others that you think are great for work?

Keep well!

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