Monday, 3 March 2014

Getting back on track - join me for the next fortnight

So I haven't been around for a while. I decided to concentrate on getting my life organised and created a new blog to track my journey: The Red Head Organiser

But whilst I am slowley organising my house, my work and my life, my healthy eating has gone well out of the window. To the point that I put on nearly a stone over the winter and have done very little so far to lose it. Well in two weeks I am going for a spa weekend and am currently not prepared to wear my bikini.

So back to my blogging, I intend (and no promises I actually manage to keep up with this), to document my healthy living attempts for the next two weeks. So here goes....

I have been using the the MyFitnessPal app on my smartphone to track my food and exercise. Sometimes it is just depressing, other times it feels me with a very smug glow!

So today's entry into my kind of online diet diary is:

Food: Total 1532 calories (my Fitness Pal recommendation is 1380 calories)

Confessions: I bought some mini honeycomb chocolate squares from Marks and Spencer to have as a treat, unfortunately I ended up staying so late at work that I ended up having a second. Also by the time I got home from work I ended up having a glass of wine to unwind.

Exercise: As I left work so late I missed one of the direct trains home, so I ended up walking to a tube station a bit further away. In total I walked about 20min in heels - ouch do my feet hurt but according to my app I did at least burn 78 calories, which undoes some of my badness!

So there you have it, Day One, not a perfect day, but not too terrible either. Lets try again tomorrow, hopefully see you then xx

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